Lady Kyra Loranth

Patron of the Black Mushrooms


Born into poverty, Kyra has risen to be one of Varisia’s only halfling nobles. She adventured with the Crimson Blades in her younger days, where she met and married her husband Zandu Loranth. Nowadays, she serves as the Guildmaster of the Crimson Society, Korvosa’s regulated thieves guild, and as Master of Whispers to the Royal Court. Her latest endeavor is sponsoring a new knightly order, the Black Mushrooms.

The Loranths have taken up the mantle of protectors of Varisia’s halflings. This has led to (scurrilous) speculation that they are involved in efforts to smuggle escaped halfling slaves from Cheliax.

Kyra and Zandu have three children: Nicky, Becky, and Izzy. She is currently on poor terms with her daughter Becky.

Lady Kyra Loranth

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