Tales from the Tabletop

The Journey Part 2

The Swan Maiden's Secret

5 Desnus, AR 4742

After examining the sickly bronze dragon, the adventurers are tasked with collecting components to help Khoda create a cure for the fey corruption. They need a vial of blood from a powerful swan maiden. The kobolds tell them one dwells nearby, alone and unfriendly, which is not typical for such creatures.

Kegra is given a secret mission by Khoda to acquire the swan maiden's coat, likely at the cost of the fey creature's life.

Despite the warnings, Felicity is determined to try to talk their way into getting the blood. Instead, the fey creatures open fire on the "trespassers." A desperate battle breaks out between the party, the swan maiden, and its servants — a pair of centaurs, a warlike pixie, and a satyress who thinks little of Felicity. It becomes clear that the swan maiden herself has been corrupted somehow.

The party manages to slay the two centaurs, but suffer grievous wounds themselves, with Spring Brambles nearly slain. The swan maiden retreats with the satyr and the pixie. The adventurers scour the area, discovering some plunder… and an infant swan maiden.


StakeTheLurk StakeTheLurk

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